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NAIP Coverage Map and Supporting Shapefiles

NAIP Coverage Map 

The following state links will connect you to shape files that will assist you in coverage selections for NAIP quarter quad tile names of the most recent year available.

You may contact Customer Services at 801-844-2922 or geo.sales@usda.gov for questions regarding shape files or to request datasets from prior years.

NAIP CONUS 2021-2022 

Click on the following link for the most recent available map: NAIP Coverage Map

States Quarter Quad Shapefile States Seamline Shapefile
Alabama Shapefile (zip, 213KB) Alabama Shapefile (zip, 9.8MB)
Arizona Shapefile (zip, 471KB) Arizona Shapefile (zip, 18.9MB)
Arkansas Shapefile (zip, 218KB) Arkansas Shapefile (zip, 3.5MB)
California Shapefile (zip, 591KB) California Shapefile (zip, 66.1MB)
Colorado Shapefile (zip, 442KB) Colorado Shapefile (zip, 34.9MB)
Connecticut Shapefile (zip, 26KB) Connecticut Shapefile (zip, 950KB)
Delaware Shapefile (zip, 14KB) Delaware Shapefile (zip, 247KB)
Florida Shapefile (zip, 267KB) Florida Shapefile (zip, 12.4MB)
Georgia Shapefile (zip, 235KB) Georgia Shapefile (zip, 11.3MB)
Hawaii Shapefile (zip) Hawaii Shapefile(zip)
Idaho Shapefile (zip, 396KB) Idaho Shapefile (zip, 25MB)
Illinois Shapefile (zip, 255KB) Illinois Shapefile (zip, 3.3MB)
Indiana Shapefile (zip, 158KB) Indiana Shapefile (zip, 2.8MB)
Iowa Shapefile (zip, 257KB) Iowa Shapefile (zip, 2.9MB)
Kansas Shapefile (zip, 350KB) Kansas Shapefile (zip, 5.1MB)
Kentucky Shapefile (zip, 156KB) Kentucky Shapefile (zip, 2.6MB)
Louisiana Shapefile (zip, 199KB) Louisiana Shapefile (zip, 3.1MB)
Maine Shapefile (zip, 176KB) Maine Shapefile (zip, 5.4MB)
Maryland Shapefile (zip, 63KB) Maryland Shapefile (zip, 1.3MB)
Massachusetts Shapefile (zip, 50KB) Massachusetts Shapefile (zip, 1.4MB)
Michigan Shapefile (zip, 259KB) Michigan Shapefile (zip, 4.4MB)
Minnesota Shapefile (zip, 404KB) Minnesota Shapefile (zip, 5.0MB)
Mississippi Shapefile (zip, 177KB) Mississippi Contact geo.sales@usda.gov” in the field and Customer Service can deliver it upon request
Shapefile (zip, 269KB) Missouri Shapefile (zip, 5.3MB)
Montana Shapefile (zip, 641KB) Montana Shapefile (zip, 36.8MB)
Nebraska Shapefile (zip, 365KB) Nebraska Shapefile (zip, 21.0MB)
Nevada Shapefile (zip, 441KB) Nevada Shapefile (zip, 30.0MB)
New Hampshire Shapefile (zip, 53KB) New Hampshire Shapefile (zip, 1.3MB)
New Jersey Shapefile (zip, 40KB) New Jersey Shapefile (zip, 1.7MB)
New Mexico Shapefile (zip, 425KB) New Mexico Shapefile (zip, 41.2MB)
New York Shapefile (zip, 233KB) New York Shapefile (zip, 10.1MB)
North Carolina Shapefile (zip, 209KB) North Carolina Shapefile (zip, 3.8MB)
North Dakota Shapefile (zip, 300KB) North Dakota Shapefile (zip, 11.8MB)
Ohio Shapefile (zip, 186KB) Ohio Shapefile (zip, 6.7MB)
Oklahoma Shapefile (zip, 314KB) Oklahoma Shapefile (zip, 4.6MB)
Oregon Shapefile (zip, 396KB) Oregon Shapefile (zip, 34.4MB)
Pennsylvania Shapefile (zip, 203KB) Pennsylvania Shapefile (zip, 3.0MB)
Puerto Rico TBD Puerto Rico TBD
Rhode Island Shapefile (zip, 10KB) Rhode Island Shapefile (zip, 170KB)
South Carolina Shapefile (zip, 132KB) South Carolina Shapefile (zip, 3.1MB)
South Dakota Shapefile (zip, 376KB) South Dakota Shapefile (zip, 22.3MB)
Tennessee Shapefile (zip, 189KB) Tennessee Shapefile (zip, 4.3MB)
Texas Shapefile (zip, 1.0MB) Texas Shapefile (zip, 194MB)
Utah Shapefile (zip, 383KB) Utah Shapefile (zip, 41.7MB)
Vermont Shapefile (zip, 53KB) Vermont Shapefile (zip, 1.5MB)
Virginia Shapefile (zip, 194KB) Virginia Shapefile (zip, 6.9MB)
Virgin Island TBD Virgin Island TBD
Washington Shapefile (zip, 363KB) Washington Shapefile (zip, 38.5MB)
West Virginia Shapefile (zip, 101KB) West Virginia Shapefile (zip, 2.2MB)
Wisconsin Shapefile (zip, 289KB) Wisconsin Shapefile (zip, 3.4MB)
Wyoming Shapefile (zip, 500KB) Wyoming Shapefile (zip, 25.9MB)

Disclaimer regarding Non-USDA-FPAC-GEO Information:

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