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Geospatial Enterprise Operations, under the FPAC Assistant Chief Information Officer (ACIO), serves as an enterprise leader in the geospatial environment (creation, processing, management, and distribution) and in creating and maintaining the USDA's geospatial policy, governance, and enterprise strategic design in concert with FPAC strategy. GEO partners with FPAC, USDA, and other external customers to deliver some of the nation's most foundational geospatial information.

Contact Us

Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC)
Customer Service: geo.sales@usda.gov

USDA GEO Feedback
Customer Experience Office: geo.cxo@usda.gov

(FPAC only) Internal Helpdesk
FPAC ServiceNow: https://usdafpacbc.servicenowservices.com/fpacnow

GEO Business Service Catalog: The GEO Business Services Catalog is an online publication of the services GEO provides to it’s customers: Service Catalog